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Bangalore Academy of Periodontology which is popularly known as BAP was established in 1996 by a team of progressive periodontists of Bangalore city.The primary objective of BAP is to transmit and propagate the knowledge among the dental professionals and the general public for better health care.

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BAP has conceived and conducted many programmes for periodontists,post graduate students and general dental practioners to keep them abreast with ever expanding frontiers of Periodontology. The activities of BAP are not confined to the city of Bangalore and state of Karnataka but has extended to the neighboring states too. BAP conducted a National Convention of post graduate teachers in periodontics which was first of it’s kind in the country and became a fore runner for teacher’s convention of other dental specialties.

BAP has designed and conducted in introductory course-Prologue exclusively for new entrants for MDS course to prepare them to pursue the post graduate curriculum. Every year BAP conducts programmes for general public and school children to educate them about the importance of periodontal health for healthy living. The BAP activities are so popular that emulated by study groups of other bodies.

BAP has now decided to host the 35th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology at Bangalore and to bring together the periodontists from various parts of the country and abroad for a useful and meaningful discussion and deliberation through “Perio Manthan”, the scientific programme for the better health care.